Wednesday, August 18, 2010

a few thoughts on directing a play for the first time

-i'm scared

-wow, people are actually listening to what i'm saying? cool

-i'm scared

-good, good, they're totally like, reading my thoughts

-i'm still kinda scared

-i can't believe people want to actually do this. like, they're going to sing about balls. insane

-not scared anymore! sweet

-ack, crap. why did i write all this complicated physical stuff

-totally scared

-ah screw it i'll just see what they do here on their own

-wow they're good at this. it's like they took classes or something

-if lydia and tucci weren't here i would be a quivering mass of bones and urine

-ok wow great night. can't wait for tomorrow!!!



  1. Hmmmm....... Yup, sounds like you've covered every emotion there. :-O

  2. i love rereading this over and over.

  3. Brian: I was watching you, watching rehearsal last night, and... I almost laughed out loud. I wonder if you know how you were pursing your lips and whispering things to yourself the whole time? And during the dramatic breakup scene, you kept shaking your head, "no, no, no..." Very amusing to be the audience watching the director.

  4. that head shaking was me looking at lines over nicole's shoulder... but I promise Ive broken up with someone holding a script in my hand so its still true to life

  5. I always script my break-ups. Isn't it obvious?

  6. did i shake my head?

    i didn't shake my head. i never shake my head.

    did i really shake my head? i didn't mean to.


  7. The last time I directed a short film it occurred to me that it's one of the few times it's okay for me to be the control freak I am; it was a very calming influence. I mean you're the general as the director so if you are cool in the face of problems, then everybody else will be cool. So you don't panic because you don't want others to and you're golden. Courage Willow! ... I mean Brian.