Tuesday, August 24, 2010

state of the union: week 2

alrighty. so here we are, second week of rehearsals. here's some cool things that've been happening so far:

josh came by and filmed a whole boatload of material yesterday. look forward to that soon, plastering your youtube screens with joy and profanity like a hobo with a jetpack.

i threw together a quick dvd of one of the pieces of animation i want to use. here's a little snippet of one of the drawings:

other than that, i just found out today that one of tucci's tremendously amazing accomplices in musical adventures is keen on performing one of the songs in the show with his amazing guitar playing. i can guarantee that'll be something that people won't be expecting.

i'm still a little worried about the whole issue with the cartoons and the projector - i think the demo i made looks good, but it all comes down to how comfortable the theater director is with letting us use their fancy and expensive electrical equipment, as well as how well that'll work on a set that isn't ours. questions, questions.

for now though, i can take solace in the fact that my actors are absolutely killin' it and are still managing to make all of us either crack up or heartbroken even after seeing the same damn material for the 10th time in a row.

regardless, the future is bright, and i think we've got a stellar show to perform. i can guarantee you it will be worth the eight dollars.


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  1. Sounds good. Do you have like a stage manager/tech person who you can put on worrying about the projector, etc.? That should help elimenate some of those questions for you at least. I know on sets during production the assistant director takes care of all the miserable problems with people and gear and scheduling so the director can focus on working with the actors. It sounds like things are going well though so that's good.